What to consider during Copper Machining Process

//What to consider during Copper Machining Process

What to consider during Copper Machining Process

Valuable experience of Copper Machining Process,help you to learn more about your copper project.


Copper is high purity, dense tissue material, with low oxygen content, Pore-free and excellent electric conductivity,suitable for precision machining, has good thermal conductivity.But the strength, the hardness is
less. A large number of products are used to electric industry.

Since the material character,we should consider below point during precision machining process.

1. Soft material,easy to stick tool,the tool knife be used should be very sharp.

2. Small feeding with high speed.

3. For complex product,complete all dimensions include thread holes by 5 axis CNC machining to save clamp
times,avoid scratch during several machining steps.

4. For some mark letter requirement,it’s better marking by CNC machining,the appearance is not good if do it by laser marking.

5. Finish.generally do nickel plating for copper product to avoid surface oxidation,if without any surface
treatment,it’s better to put the copper machined part in vacuum plastic bag after cleaning process.