The wear of machining parts in process

//The wear of machining parts in process

The wear of machining parts in process

In machining, the wear of machining parts is a common phenomenon, which may be caused by various factors such as part material, environment and processing methods. Next, we are going to introduce the prevention methods.


The wear of machining parts includes normal wear and abnormal wear. First ,let’s talk about normal wear . Here are some cases of normal wear.

  • For the friction between the machining parts, we should ensure that the parts have enough cleaning and lubrication.
  • For the wear caused by hard particles, we should prevent the parts from being exposed and ensure that the parts are cleaned and covered.
  • For the wear caused by long-term alternating load, we should select proper lubrication oil to reduce additional vibration of the system and improve the machining precision of parts.
  • For the chemical corrosion of parts, we have to remove harmful chemicals and improve the anti-corrosion of parts.
  • For changes in metallographic structure or matching of parts under high temperature, we should make effort to improve working conditions or use high temperature resistant and wear-resistant materials to machining parts.


Then ,let’s talk about abnormal wear. There are some reasons for causing abnormal wear. Repair or machining does not meet design requirements ,the violation of operating procedures , and improper transportation, handling and storage. To prevent this kind of wear, we should strictly check product quality, be familiar with mechanical properties, carefully operate, and master enough hoisting knowledge.

The deformation of the base part will change the relative position of each part, thus accelerating the wear of the part
and shortening the service life of the part. We can take reasonable installation and adjustment to prevent the
occurrence of deformation. The damage of parts balance refers to the imbalance of parts rotating at high speed. Under the action of centrifugal force, the damage of parts is accelerated ,and the service life of parts is shortened . We should adopt balance test for prevention. The replacement part does not perform the surface running-in, which will increase the wear. Therefore, we have to make the running-in. The repaired parts are not properly selected for material, the surface hardness is not up to standard, and the heat treatment is unqualified. So we should select materials as required and make reasonable heat treatment.

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