Quality assurance of precision machining

//Quality assurance of precision machining

Quality assurance of precision machining

You must been known the quality assurance of precision machining is very important.the advanced measuring equipment is helpful for quality assurance.


In automobile industry, auto parts are characterized by high quality, large batch and different shapes.This also
enables us to pay more attention to the precision machining production and the quality of products.

In modern manufacturing,The high precision integrated measuring equipment is more and more applied in the
production process.The value of processed products can be transferred timely through measuring information,To ensure product quality and stable production process to improve production efficiency.

In order to complete high precision machining parts,to close high tolerance requirements, SYM Precision purchased
another set of CMM.

Brand: Germany ZEISS.

RDS-C5 joint probe, with our XDT multi-point probe,make sure to accurately measure the Angle characteristics of the complex position.

CAA (computer aided accuracy correction) ensures computer aided error compensation for dynamic deformation of the equipment.To measure the size of the product, relative position tolerance, curve and surface.Output graphical report, intuitive and clear to reflect product quality.To get a complete test report of finished products.

CMM with high precision,high flexibility and excellent digital capabilities,become an important means of manufacturing and quality assurance.